all she could be was who she already was

I watch the dawn
it sets on our eyes
blinded by the stare
i see your gaze fix beyond me

different layers
blend together for new sight
the winds they pass
they speak of stories
that create new time

beyond this world
we are all whole
the masks are all gone
barriers ripped to shreds

i dream of a world
where the separation ceases
we can be close again
no pretext
just life

you enter my space
we design the realm
borders to boundaries
it all dissolves with time

I have been waiting
for the new end to begin
where the pretext has no meaning
the game has no purpose
you are real in my eyes

i view the expanse
opening to opening
loss to life
you bend forward through time
speaking to me
of the new purpose of moments

we have been born again since
to divulge what we need
to speak those truths
it takes a space bigger
than its meaning

at the core we know the face
that will create our time
we know the soul
that painted our life

they designed our image
in predetermined nows
the reality was never real
the imagined just as true

it makes no difference
thought to life
both born out of somewhere
created to support the heart

we wonder where to waiver
we feel for the now
were we meant to go down this road
did we create it from the start

sound makes no difference
when the feeling is there
feel your way through
meet me in time



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