even the lost ones have their truth

i play on the redundance of resistance
i search these plains for the switch of life
weary but not completely forgotten
resurgence of the intermediary
the blame of the now

where windows crack pain
and life spills out
tones of touch
to calcify the energetic
the sender searches time
but has not lost its thought

the burdened break open
watch the collapse
ether meets with mist
I steal a glance in your eyes

waiver the temperance
fielding with times of sorrow
melding to join
release of the past

unstable lack of love
pour and repair
start again

fill the now with wonders of heavens below
ignoring the making
ignited by past
the last shedding of skin
soft to the touch

we find each other tied up
wrapped in worlds
stealing of minds
tethered in time
bound by vision

you made me believe
that some new sound
could come out of these lungs
that would set free the gods
distill the stars
heros of our own journey

I do not laugh at the vision
but instead speak of resonance
a ripple in the mark
the seal of the forgotten
that suddenly turned bright

we see the fall
lay ahead off the horizon
free fall to now
dropped through layers of expanse
contract the adrenaline
sobering reality

wake up in hell
white walls
nothing but the sounds of my own mind
the ramblings of the forgotten, the cast aways

no ones there to hear their pain
to know their thoughts
i met the other side of life
shunned from the outside
prickling to the sound

they are the cast aways, the forgotten, lost souls
they have a depth of vision
grasping the macrocosm
surprising aptitude for overhaul of overview
how do you reconcile that part of life
driven to madness
but beauty still remains

so many lost
so many broken
how do you turn back
when you finally see the other side
i will never shed that vision
but i can’t fix their now
just lay witness to the beauty and pain

where is the point of no return
vision is too split
where were they at the point of too far gone
what broke the will and strength of mind

hide it all from public view
sobering epoch
is often too much for the masses to bear
even the lost ones
have their truth




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