forget what they told you, we can burn better

i shift through the gaze
slip back to the repeat
time creates a haze beyond my eyes
im torn to touch the blending and feeling
the gaze bends more than thought
i empty still into the spill of night

when barriers reach the emergent sound
what holds me dear
what ties me to the night
wrapped up in tone
embraced by the streaming light
i hope to find that moment beyond the doubts

held back by mind
imposed laws and regulations
afraid to break more than broke
step forward through resistance
solitary movement
shakiest of steps
find the stride
believe it could be better
design the path

when the free fall failed before
the next step is often met with resistance
clear the past
burn bright the tomorrow
but off time went mixing the mind

she sees her days numbered by stars
doubts voiced in her resonant time
a sliver of embers brought now to be true
but dealt by the past
it chains her in
she screams for freedom
but the mind keeps her bound below

often close
inevitably out of reach
she never met that moment in time
clean the slate
design life new

fear spills forward
tame the response
and use it with will

i hope to build the beauty that pours through me
cradle it in moments
bring it to life

the stars were put there to be called upon in these hours

they tell the stories
of fallen minds
fated loves
forgotten hopes
and torched dreams

burn the scene
tear the foundations of history
rewrite the future
and start fresh

all she wants is a new way to roam

a chance for it to be different
no vision
just now
there is no tomorrow
the past is gone
it has faded to nothing
the history dissolved
the now expands

hope can find the moment
common ground
look for me there



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