i might be a figment of your illusion

she steals her time.
through burnt embers and tired lights.
dilating pupils.
it all seems so bright.

hope ties through her skin.
she felt the touch.
where were you waiting for the end of the world?
holed up in homes.
that saw through my form.

you can’t wait for the right time to approach.
catch it if you can.
we will only be chasing time.
there is now.
if you are willing.

only tired in time.
the wait feels too long.
i wonder where you are.
where you have gone.

not sure of the last.
not sure if it’s time to move on.
haven’t been certain in mind.
doubt seems to set in.

it binds me in space.
paralysis of the heart.
i was dead for hours.
you can end this now.

beauty took the bullet.
it pierced her skin to skin.
the pain only feels good when it’s real.
burn the feeling.
merge the sensation.
dissolve it right.

we wage these wars.
casualties abound.
drag me down deeper now.
tie me to your light.

the sensation lasts.
martyrs of the mind.
you can’t touch a thought.

you see.
we erect these divides.
outlaws of the mind.
we cage ourselves in.

dictate the story.
see how well that goes.
it works as an illusion.
but it will never design a better heart.

I might be a figment of your illusion.



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