i see time but it was never really there

the vision passes
i wonder where you go
i wanted time to dissolve
and transcend us
its all i knew

it encompasses my life
beyond the divide
i hope to create new space

why do we follow the hours
i am not so sure of time

it was never meant to be a fixed truth
it created the framework
it set the terms
manufactured and manmade
it restrains our minds

i built better beyond it
i see better in your world
our framework
our resolve

i hear those notes
you painted my image in sound
i paint yours in feeling
learn the language
you will understand the truth

it was meant for our space
not the world

do you feel it through the separation
does it pass beyond time
does it transcend words
and go straight into being

the deepened skies
paints itself true

all thats false
slipped beneath the embers
it never stood a chance

where we stand is too true to dissolve



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