she can’t be tamed, only transformed

i bow down at the wasteside of life
tear at these layers
pull away the film
eroded sense of knowledge
torn up and revised
i see you whole

direct the vision back in
redesign the landscape
wavered and true
vivid meaning
the territory of our time
we deem this wisdom insurmountable

i see in waves
they now connect to you
brought forth by a journey
that began before you
and now leads to you

i imagine the response
hope it holds strong

we are pulled to each other
and bring our lessons forth
teach the tamer
rework the wild divide
the precedent has changed
the purpose new

at a souls divide
who is there to resist the decay
wrapped up in our own journey
we lost our ability to connect

in and out of the dissolve
the blurred vision
disorients the mind

reaching for home
not just a location
but essence of space
a cover of comfort
a true sense of life

i split time in the world
another level of life
somewhere on the journey
i got stuck in the mind

i find my way back
learn to break open
feel my way forward
begin to connect again



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