she writes the story. time starts itself over. life begins.

we divide these times through embers and roads
the place is often divided between thought and mind
my time spins in webs
captivate the illusion
and pull through till the end

i wander in these places
a search for home
when an illusion is lost
the dichotomy is done

separation between heart and mind
where can we unite the bind

tie me up in moments
bound by heart
restricted in thought

i see these faces
as I walk through life
search for the connect
time stands alone
i feel lost

self contained moments
can only hold you for so long
no mans an island
my place in this is lost

free fall form
where is my landing?

start fresh
as the past begins to erase itself
you can’t remember what you don’t see
heal the divide

i leave you there
gone on for too long

i move forward
design these times
walls of light
freedom to the heart
it begins me new

there is no room left for blame
it fell away in the divide
i gave it all I had
its enough for me now

you cant regret something so real, it became you

free fall reality
i was exposed in the mind
i let you in

i cant see you now
your words never really felt real
i never saw who you were
hidden behind your illusion
construct these divides
paint your persona

i bought the ticket
i believed the lie
not sure where the truth ended
and the lies began

i can’t look back
these times are hard

life or death
i fight for freedom
no longer chained down by memory

new steps unrestricted
my footing is shaky
but true to life

i begin forward
nothing but the expanse
the past is gone
the new story begins

cast the characters
build the life
sincerity in the forefront
reality in the now

you can find me here



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