the blood calls

She waits for the storm to pass.
Metaphorical vision of the mind.
She never thought the rain would last so long.
Uncertain why the winds picked up.
Breaking apart shaky structures.
Loose connections crumbled to the ground.

There is a lesson in all of life.
She takes in wisdom like breath.
Rhythmic and constant.
Flowing through her.
Deeper each time.

A force of nature.
Herself and the mind.
It can not be stopped.
It is apart of her.
It is her.
It has been there even before the knowing.

The patterns rise and fall.
The call of life.
Can not be escaped.
She needs this life.
And all there is to know.

It drives her force.
It speaks in language of the lungs.
A rise and fall.
Inhalation and exhalation.
Its purer this time.

Eyes wide shut.
She awakens to the collective history.
To know where we come from.
Paints the image of where to go.

We will lead the way.
Design a brighter vision.
The revolution will not be televised.
We are revolutionizing the mind.



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