we are quick with words but what lies beneath…

slip through the sound
touch the feeling
wise remarks
set the stage for disruption
paths divides
we all have our waves
discontinuation of the hour
split mind split path

i hope to reconcile
the gap between
tethered ends
and pulled open hearts

you saw the mistake
i saw the vision
what it was
what it could be

separate statements join
to form a new language
a new form of life
not just sound
but touch as well
combine the two
commune body in soul
heal me now

you can correct the disturbance
reach the wounded
a crack in the dark
this moment is contagious
take me with you
i can follow suit

you know your eyes
i know your soul
i sense it before i see it
hope once lost
fills us to the pouring
fill to the excess
and take me over
rebuild and dissolve
rebuild and dissolve

repeated action transfuses the connection
fix me to your sight
i hope for a new dawn
where we meet at the edge of it all
share the expanse
i see it now
join me in vision



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