burn a little deeper still

I correct the layers
split the resolve
create the steps
between the lapse

I see divides
they pull us through
you stay where there is a break in the heart
expand the knowing
and see what resolves

the moments are put together
creating divine time

I fall into your space
because the eyes burn for something
more bold
more beautiful

my eyes follow your gaze
I follow you down
through the space
through the divide

you see i embark on these visions
to see where time will take these wounds
spontaneous remission
make me better now

the steps become closer
the gap starts to close
end the ritual
it does us no good

step out of comfort
sense the now
if we are quiet enough
we can hear the whispers

inner guidance
expanding the resolve

listen now
it takes us home
don’t turn away
don’t you still want home?



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