your architecture, my archetype

held still in the embers of hours
you lost sight
dream my being
fill my lungs with life
separation leads to regeneration
or so was the thought
now plays with time

i wonder where the space of the mind
enters into the fall of tomorrow
sink or swim
grasp and embrace
sincerity in the moment
the price of admission

this what enters the space
it pushes me to now

i wait for the thought of what comes next
not sure of it now
fear of the forward
i push on

design my destiny
with lack of control
free fall moments
will i meet you there

confirmation of thought
the ripples resemble dreams
i speak in words of tied tongues
you created my language
i just stepped into it and became the space

your wisdom says more than you care to acknowledge
deny the meaning but know its essence
pull me into expanse
i see your signature

black and grays
with hues of color
that painted these dreams
architect and archetype
structure vision
structure of being

i know there is more for me ahead
i try to skip the repeat
held down by broken vision
mending the wounds
i need what comes forward
time slips
as I watch it pass

i wont dissolve to the wasteside
i wont let it rest
i thrive from now
where are you
together or oppose
state your claim

i will see you there
you design the steps
embrace your vision
i know it to be true



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