these visions are brighter

the beauty befalls me
i get lost in the stars
the wisdom we seek
is there in the heart
my soul opens to the world at large
i take in the living
i take it to heart

moments of wayward movement
i had lost my way
transfixed in knowing
forgotten was all feeling
numbed by life
and pain of the fallen

sad are the times
with loss of the soul
when you feel the feeling
the world starts to fall

i lost my guidepost
i misplaced the view
no longer guided by stars
i fell under

everything is different now
when you come out the other side
fresh beginings
new vision

the purpose is there
the heart holds true
i journey on
with a new set of eyes

stronger in character
purer in heart
open to life
willing to love
accepting of loss

it all mixes together to create this life

part of the knowing
i see you there
your one part of home

we live these lives
and see these ways
follow your road
see the vision through
the feeling is felt
your bliss is yours
and yours alone

i wander in ways
i hope for home
we see where it leads
time never rang true
i dissolve in the knowing
unchained to past
you led me forward
you helped me home
thank you for the vision.



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