tear it all down, build me new

we define these worlds
separation is the marker
and i hope to breach these rules

lines defined by memory
and rules of our making
steadfast are the times
and deeper is the heart

trying are these moments
as we learn to live
not certain of the hour
where lies the separation

the laws of the land
divides the landscape
etched out in gold
strewn among the stars
tied to the soul

these strings play us like puppets
dictating our movements
seperating our soul
unconscious of the control
we stay fated and repeating

untie me now
freedom can be felt
behind a pair of eyes
that sees through
and into you

i fill up the moment
with truths that are often hidden
and feared to be felt
i reflect the connection

i see your world
i lived there too
guard yourself at will
but i know better
i see what lies behind the walls

i know the story
i’ve written my own
cut from the same cloth
like it or not
i know what you hide
i have lived within these walls to

designed for protection
but they become our prisons



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