everything is light

new beauty emerges out of old dust
time stands true
we broke these walls
new life was given
time washed away all lies
the hands of fate
play us on

given to the seeker
we build new worlds
time tests and divides
reunited is the true of heart
and our wisdom burns brighter
we design this life

forging forward
creating the mind

++we can build what we came to find++

i can be your dream
you can be my vision

lost souls meet
and carry each other home
breathing life into
what was once forgotten

what we assumed could never be
can be resurrected now

connection through touch
rise up through the ashes
design a better vision
where details and color
meet to create
sight and sound

feeling the embers
you have burned brighter in my mind

i wait
and continue to envision you illuminated


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