the moments pass
we fail to begin to see the hours
time divides
and recedes into the background

i have touched numbered days
i savor the moment
each last breathe becomes greater than the next

we wait to waiver
and i miss those days
were the lost moments held themselves true to surrender

i let go beneath the sky
pray for times divide
it envelops me
i sink within
all hope has forsaken me in moments of abandon

build myself true
repair me whole
the break suffered moments of unwinding

but i start fresh
i move forward
stronger in life
deeper in soul

the torn walls lay waste to times divide

sanction these memories
tie me to knots
create and savor
each last touch

reckless abandon can be found again
tied to home and comfort of will

setting of times
that burned deeper in my eyes
and i hoped for surrender

i can see you there
i can feel that moment

time may create us true
or it can separate wills
and leave us to barter
ego preserved
testing of time
and dividing the hope

i will wait for you in moments
lost beneath the soul
and i hold true
i let go of this time

control must be forgotten
lead me down this river
i drift ashore
and find peace in the knowing
that somewhere lies that heart
that can cover up these wounds and fade it to nothing

don’t save the savior
stand with me here
create me home.


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