sanctity of sight

string me up through these divides
tied tight
and searching
body and mind

we are covered in layers
pulled through the expanse

i divide time through the knowing
and the loss
finding my way to now
start fresh
build it over

find me something brighter
built to last
that won’t tear me down

tied tight through

breathe in
hold on tight
still searching for the surrender
still searching for the other half of the divide
i feel for you through cracked walls
streamed with light
built to protect

but the time has come to let it burn

burn for surrender
burn for the knowing
time lapses through the expanse

i see flashes of moments
of us bound together
feeling through touch
union of skins
immersed in infinite moments
tied to the soul

i believe it burns brighter
its there in the waiting
the sanctity of new memory
new visions
new life

where soul meets through the expanse
connection built so strong
there is no fear in the knowing
just moments bound tight to connect
it pulls us through to now

and your touch can spin these webs
burn down these walls

and i fall into the surrender

these moments bring us to now

the senses take over
flooded by feeling
feeling felt and heard
seeing in light
tasting in touch

the union creates the expanse
free fall feeling

pull me under


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