what becomes of vision

can intention create the moments
to be more real then imagined
the space between
what has always been
and what will be

this time the vision is better
i see in shades of color
the shades of gray
and black to white
can only take you so far

i envision more than this
there is more space through these  eyes
can you be there when vision touches reality

can we find a way to now
the mind carried me so far
but the illusion can’t carry you home
it wont keep you warm at night
it won’t make a better now

but beauty befalls the beholder
she tries to reach you
the sanctity of sight
can take us to tomorrow
but it won’t always bridge the gap
or break the walls

vision isn’t cheap
but it is never guaranteed
to take you to the point
where walls crumble
the divide is dissolved
where touch becomes everything

it burns deeper
feeling is felt over everything
the mind stops
instinct to impulse
burn for me better

it is all we could ever want
it stills time
expands the mind
moment to moment
precursor to conclusion

the taking to the healing
she tried the solitude
mastered the seclusion

but it never burned brighter
it never took me home

the vision never stopped
just more vivid
it takes you over
fills you up
dissolves you down

impulse to instinct
it’s what is left to break the walls
the feeling of now

burn bright in vision
burn better now


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