breathe in deep, let it out slow

she watches these days pass like nights

vision surpasses all thats been
time fades and repeats itself again

and we are all that is left here standing

watching the brink of what is to come

vision to illusion
watch it  transpire

a film for the masses
but its what’s left
its only us

tied tight to the edges of tomorrow
felt without form
you draw me in

the understanding is there
but words not spoken and then forgotten
just lead to tired hearts
and tired bodies

lost and searching
with no touch to be found
the visions lay rest to the excess of demise

i hope for better bridges of days to come
and nights wrapped up in the excess of sensation

and sound

what is left beyond the feeling
meeting and melding

poured over in breathes of tomorrow
and this vision sees the burn
tied tight
held back
and seen from images past

days turned to night
where minds can connect the dots
and bring forth what needs to be found
lost within the skins

a melding of reverberation
time spent alone
wont last us
i follow you in

in vision
in feeling
sensation of the mind
i will dream up better nights of tomorrow
till we see the moments
of all those visions brought forth to now



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