the agony and ecstasy of leaving

she bides her time         
through filtered lights
and filtered moments
she knows what it takes
to fill the instance
shes not sure she has it in her

too much time
tied up in moments that break
she fights for air
cause the poison is suffocating

time spent alone before sunrise
can save the soul
from the brink of it all

safety in numbers
numbered time mixed with the brink of tomorrow

she cries to angels
to give back faith
clear the vision
lead her home
she feels safe within you now

fall away
fall away

every hero has their memory of safety
time stood so true
it never had to lead you away
pure in the moment
lasting and nameless
held tight to the beginning

we bear the memories of what has been
and what is to come
it is in the knowing
locked behind walls of perception

lift me now from these moments
lasting and weary
too much holds me down
i lost flight

nowhere to run
it always comes down to now

face the demons
who chase you down
haunting and dark
always bigger after vision

time collapses to the present moment
too worn to run
too lost to fake knowing
that voice is there
but it dosen’t always sound like home

she waited for days to change
for the links to connect
and the footing to feel safer

solid ground
to solid touch

stability comes after the surrender
free fall from these moments
it’s gripping
it’s tired
she needs it to turn around
to lead safety to home
release and be found


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