transcendence in time, transcendence in vision.

the waiting takes me over
and sought within passions reach
it drives the images forward
pushes me on in time

she waits for days to meet night
she meets the image in the dissolve
hoped for home
and wavered forever
she can’t remember when it wasn’t times divide

reeling in feeling
felt for now
waiting for it all to seep into tomorrow
rest waits for noone to know their place within
it teaches us what we lose in time

these lessons burn from within
she knows that the time is different
new places
newer lessons

it all takes her on
it becomes her
evolves her being
she knows new time

the wavering moments
taught her new feeling
the wait
pain and loss
hope and movement

she dreams through these days
it keeps her steady
grounded in dreaming
the passion pours on
it feeds her more
she knows where she belongs

no longer lasting in times divide
she created these embers
flickered through feeling
teaching her of what’s to come

we know we may lay these roads ahead
ground work becomes vision
becomes times
bleed for me now

the blood of knowledge
ephemeral history
tested to nothing
holding us still

keep me longer
tie me to your being
it feeds these nights

your skin to mine
the warming of warmth
beauty of feeling
the heat becomes the fall
the fall becomes the moments

it sees more time
of melding and deepening
rhythmic falls of breath
transcendental movements
we speak in tongues
you guide me on


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