she couldn’t escape the surrender

we set these scenes
at times collapse
a glimpse to the past
becomes a step forward
the severed lines stopped it all from falling
we believe we know better
divided time through days lost among us

weary minds created the turn that became the hour
i know i have seen brighter nows
turn the digits
weigh the loss
hope for home
but we all believe you brighter
times collapse
will break the fall
your eyes become my tomorrow
dark and burning
the embers come upon us

see these versions
whats become of our numbered days
i wish for you now
save the loss
tie me tight
to more tomorrows
will the way to home

we begin to mend the fence
that crumbled down
buried beneath the burning

if time is of the essence
then you become my breath
breath of life
breath of feeling
breath of the connected
touch to touch

towered times look within the feeling
and i know you home
to my hope
to my fears
tired of the leaving
and all that has been lost among
the weeks and months that pass
searching for a new tomorrow
a new way to be free
from all that binds me to the dark

step back and remember
all is one
dark to light
pleasure to pain
born within us
we become it
you can’t escape your own soul
the half that holds us true
makes us one
self to self
shadow to light
these inner burnings
they make more of these moments
times divide lay us thin
spread out through transparency

trade the loss for more of hope
i waiver never to see you here
still searching in the days that pass
and your gone away
and gone away
haven’t seen your sight since then
and i wish for tomorrow
i wish for time to be true to us
break these walls
and hold minds tight
true and lasting
seek me further
i find the feeling
buried now
to preserve the protection

but she needs more time in the open
she waits for the spanning of time to end
hold deeper now
she seeks you here
meet and surrender

written 10.12.11

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