the sacred came for sinners

she divulges time like the hours melt
the wait passes through each slipping moment
we save our souls from the contorts of time
because of visions
she stares brighter
our moment loses hope
we wait for the next safety to befall us
because the versions won’t sever the loss
it’s only in our hours
that time collapses enough to divide

I hear the angels
they speak to me of hope
its all I have to keep the days meeting the night
our time turns us inward
our muses keep us breathing deeper
it makes pathways to times collapse
when all falls away
skins commune from beginning to end

hope for sacred
the melding of now
touch takes on hours
it keeps me in the embers
slipping through the cracks embrace
we enter hours through minutes
and hope through loss
the excommunication of the divine
seals the moments and keeps them sacred within

without you now
this unamended soul
that stops time
rebuilds me within
without you now
i pour through hours
creating your moments
dreaming your dissolve

i see your versions in faces i pass
waiting for the hour
it all becomes revealed
time stops
we take in all in

in hope
in time
in healing
communion of the sacred
the souls reverberation of another
the meeting creates more time
it holds us right
we meet through measures
never meant to hold us through time
but yet there are these moments
that kept it all in for the meeting
we didn’t know better
we didn’t know time
it shelves itself in the lost tomorrow
that was created within
time takes us to nothing
and we begin again

written 10.11.11


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