he heard sound,she heard sight

the fades of the night give way to moments end.
the faces she passes tell tales of times break.
sparking memories and moments.
that only once seemed true.

she retreats in when it all seems so bright.
reflecting the portrayal of what gets played back.
she remembered days when time seemed right.
she laid rest to the worry of the day.
where the months would find end.
time believed itself once.
it portrayed linear moments weaved with memory.

she wonders where to go.
when the weight of choice sets in.
the better of evils.
the softer choice of tomorrow.
wisdom bleeds itself thin.

you’ve known me better.
this mind that spins itself through passion.
the fusion of ego and will.
it’s her sustenance.
it leads her in.
and pours her on.
feeds the fever.
takes on the touch.
creates image of mind.
and vision of tomorrow.

she tastes these embers.
and feels through touch.
seeks you more.
body through movement.
slow and rhythmic.
sped up through moments.
it pours on and on.

she savers that sight.
image and touch.
melding of moments.
when time feels true.

sight erupts sound.
she weaves into you.
she pulled you in.
into now.
into moments.
times reprieve.

you wonder where time went.
what tore that image apart.
she said she felt more in forever.
you were taken over by the feeling.
fled the scene.

she missed you then and now.
time escapes us.
left us for nowhere, someday, never.
maybe find me in time.

written 10.12.11

image found on:  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150124662032463&set=a.10150128594902463.319759.108605392462&type=3&theater


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