it comes in fevers

these times call us to grow
perseverance of mind
holds the will
you find your way forward
when the end never meets the now

she looks for times divide
to signal the process of life
paths built forward
and brought upon us
she knows new time

she knows the pains that hurt in growth
but she looks for solace in her taking of now
never knowing where to wander
but led back to the guide
she finds reason
and takes the pulse
life in force
brought upon us to now

she never knows what it means to be home
but its there to find her
and these eyes
they seek the same sight
lay forward
and draw her in

meet her in forward movements of time
destruction of moments
never made for a better mind
it only came to create new meaning
severed at the making
and left there for future meetings of truth

new will finds new ways
to mend these broken seams
directed through light & connection
belief in better becomes tomorrow

because these sights search for a meaning of our making
to make sense of this time
ground us in tomorrow
carve us here to now
felt in forever
known to be true
time takes us home
when you find here is gone
she is left to make new ground

written 10.24.11

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