she’s held by fevered moments of time

the open roads that find us
lead the way
to forward pulse
the comings & goings
restorations & dissolves
leave us altering from descension to ascension

the waivered moments of unknown life
split paths
possibilities of life
led by soul
led by fear
we find our way forward
she waits for time to tell her true
never knowing if the rise will fall
descent from the heavens
emergence from hell
she makes her way to level ground

the journeying holds her like time
a theory of the making
melding by emotion

she’s held by fevered emotions of time

but she knew she could be held deeper still
where lies those walls
that once broken
will shed the light
of what is to be sought
never knowing what to call home

she thought she saw her world
built from vision
tied to memory and mind

but her way forward
altered at the seams
the vision has been cleared
she is left to design new time

but when you don’t know the vision
the moments seems to falter
her guides are harder to find
where does she go in time
what life is meant to call her home
where will she wander to come out forward
where time once again will seem true

her vision is clouded by fear
her strength is built to make her last
but once broken is never forgotten
how do we help ourselves home?

written 10.26.11

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