her new visions of transcendental afterthoughts

she sees time as a melding and a repeating 
the beauty begins to bargain with her
hold tight to the thought of home
transcendence will lead you in
back from lost
and beginnings end
she finds her way from a lost divide
carry the crosses
of a lineage of life
time never feels this way forever
the wind picks up
pushes memory forward
you know your way in

when the lost ones carry the weight of the forgiving
there is room here for you in the embers
fight off forever
our shattered battles
of a life once held

her shadow knows the story
it holds her secrets
she’s kept from mind
a battle ax of redemption

shes making peace with the pieces of herself that stayed hidden

another portion of each moments time
you know her eyes
they speak of truth
of lives forgotten
we once held ourselves in
but new life calls for new laws
shedding of skins
reborn to new versions of living
a deeper version of now

speak your truths
know your making
come back down to living
transcendental afterthoughts
carry the message of lost time

there are lessons here to take in
peel back from broken moments
remember it still
knowledge unencumbered
still takes on time
you can make this moments truth
end is never to long gone
but begin again
in the emergence of a path

written 10.25.11

image found on : http://weheartit.com/entry/18378814/via/iamtheone


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