she takes on new time

i am looking for ways to make it through 
the days and the darkest hours

time hasn’t always been by my side
we wait for the embered days to reach the breaking
to reach us within

the waivering of moments
brought a new look in my eyes
to see life right
as it shifts through the visions
it’s different for the knowing
subjective to the touch

it felt better in your view
time holds onto the divide
the resurrection of life
the melding of sins
to create the passion
where the world sees separation
i look between

broke open
to hold time still

and where we waited moments
i felt beneath

there is more to the vision
than a shattered view

when time heals us always
i know it to be true
truth in form
truth in the deeper version of tomorrow
symbolized in notions
that met the mind
i hear you better in the signs of the time

worlds away
roads depart
the break point of never
the home of tomorrow
the healing sold us slower
to the ways of the world

written 10.24.11


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