welcome to the abyss

she showed up
a few years too late
high on experience
and worn out on memory

time took her away

shes been shedding skins
peeling past layers
raw from revival

she picked up again
in some lost world
found sustanence in the flames
that flickered past her vision
and burned from within

she takes her cues from the wind
and the fractled light
that breaks open each moment
and pulls her to her next

she’s been taken under by memory
and resurfaces through force

she finds her mysteries
coded in landscape
her answers
hidden in plain sight

time teaches us in silence
weaves us through the dark

she was left to bargain with time

watched herself wade in rivers of her own darkness

she found the heavens there
mirroring humanity
with its own rise and fall
because even the stars fall apart
breaking open to teach us through time

she plays martyr to the ocean
and savior to the sun

lover to the fire
and counsel to the air

she takes it in
and becomes her
transmutes it through time

because all she touches
rattles off in vibration
and alters at the seams

her visions seem brighter
after the darkest of nights
written 7.23.12


moths to flames

she watched herself
walk off
to another vision
genuflected to her reflections
distorted her traditions
poured through her projections

she told the moon
to tell her when it was time
he listened
and cried back to her
about her current state

he said
the secret to time
lies beyond her perceptions
she couldn’t find herself
until she unraveled her mysteries

as with all phrophetic statements from the moon
she knew there were truth in those words

for the moon had witnessed all her various incarnations
carries her history
and holds her secrets

he counsels her in his phases
and pulls her like the tide
a current of words
that pulls her back
to repressed memories of paradise

and visions of her other


he will be brought to her by signs
that speak to her in symbols

he too will have been led by the moon

for the moon is the patron saint of all things wild
they always know how to spot their own

 many will be drawn in
 but not all can match her light

<<<<< where burning isn’t  about pain but the sustenance of each other >>>
>>>>>>> she burns deeper still <<<<<<<<

there is a history there
woven through time
one will expand to the other
and bring to each other new light

it will be real if you can feel it

time often tests her
to see if shes ready

the moon tells her to hold on


the forces found home

beauty became the beast
and the lion laid down with the lamb

saints conferred with sinners
the archetypes began to mutate

she became her own god
burned heaven to the ground
traded the ashes of the old
for something that would break open time

the old didn’t become new
instead paradoxes merged
defined a separate existence
that continues to create itself
in a mix a vibration & syllables

she got high on some deeper lust
a mix of wild notions
sacred chaos
that created its reality
instead of being lived by it

transcended forms of ecstasy
where thought and touch became tied
one sparked the other
ran through the system
and made one with the heavens

time meant nothing to distance
and distance ignored time

it all happened in  a span of breath
where sight became sound
and taste became touch
the scent of senses

the lost became found
the counter met its part

agony met with ecstasy
the saint sinned
the sinner saved

the seeker found sight
and the rebel met with the outlaw

and there existed something more
she found purpose in the lightning
written 7.8.12

sacred contact


she writes in waves
because she sees sight the same way
time became an end
and stopped in her pulse

she felt the frames take her
lapsed in moments

she parted worlds
and met in the stopping of time
it shouldn’t of paralleled existence
it mirrored in aspects
shed light to the lessons

it breathed deeper within her

what she searched for when it all got dark

she searched the world
for something more divine                                                                                                  then she could recollect

it became her knowing
felt deeper in the darkness

remembered from what is never known
she outlawed her own dissolve
it took her on in spans of silence

embraced her closer
and drew her in
pulled from somewhere
where memories are less about fact
and more about feeling

she melded in its mystery

like a force running towards itself
spoken in layers
from another life

this is how times tells her
shes found specs of home
in new life


written 7.8.12

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