sacred contact


she writes in waves
because she sees sight the same way
time became an end
and stopped in her pulse

she felt the frames take her
lapsed in moments

she parted worlds
and met in the stopping of time
it shouldn’t of paralleled existence
it mirrored in aspects
shed light to the lessons

it breathed deeper within her

what she searched for when it all got dark

she searched the world
for something more divine                                                                                                  then she could recollect

it became her knowing
felt deeper in the darkness

remembered from what is never known
she outlawed her own dissolve
it took her on in spans of silence

embraced her closer
and drew her in
pulled from somewhere
where memories are less about fact
and more about feeling

she melded in its mystery

like a force running towards itself
spoken in layers
from another life

this is how times tells her
shes found specs of home
in new life


written 7.8.12


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