the forces found home

beauty became the beast
and the lion laid down with the lamb

saints conferred with sinners
the archetypes began to mutate

she became her own god
burned heaven to the ground
traded the ashes of the old
for something that would break open time

the old didn’t become new
instead paradoxes merged
defined a separate existence
that continues to create itself
in a mix a vibration & syllables

she got high on some deeper lust
a mix of wild notions
sacred chaos
that created its reality
instead of being lived by it

transcended forms of ecstasy
where thought and touch became tied
one sparked the other
ran through the system
and made one with the heavens

time meant nothing to distance
and distance ignored time

it all happened in  a span of breath
where sight became sound
and taste became touch
the scent of senses

the lost became found
the counter met its part

agony met with ecstasy
the saint sinned
the sinner saved

the seeker found sight
and the rebel met with the outlaw

and there existed something more
she found purpose in the lightning
written 7.8.12


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