the abyss.


remember to breathe.

just breathe copy


she’s been envisioning these moments
since the spark hit her eyes
cognizant of the knowledge that he can possess

it’s something that breaks barriers
seeps into the soul

a hurling force that’s magnetized to it’s collision
and all the stars line up to bare witness to their aftermath
forget a force of nature
a new precedent can be set

a yielding to an intangible nature that separates her existence
and comfort in the depth that defines their nature

she’s been transfixed by a presence
that seemingly dispells her own myths
while proving the very existence of something
beyond her own knowing

he found her wading in rivers of her own mind
walled off
tied tight
to the memory of her own armageddon

like some sanctioned holy ground
shes been ruminating in its symbols
keeping safe in the embarkment of her own walls

there is something mirrored in his presence
he symbolizes something she forgot she possessed

one merges with the other
connection of synapses
suspension of time

she broke free into the weighted depth of those eyes

and watched the universe present itself
in the soul of another

written 12.3.12




she got tired of the way
she moved through her own darkness
tempted by fates
and a loss of her own time

the many sequences
that shuttered past her vision
and burned from within

we test ourselves
with resolve
and restraint became her barter

she’s not sure where the lessons end
and the living begins

she got tired of the way it plays out
a revolving door of memories
and a past that flinches in her vision


written november 2012

reflections of a life once held



we have been dividing ourselves
between the quest of death and rebirth
she’s worn her soul thin
there is something more elaborate
then the schemes that we possess
played out moments
separation of senses
it molded her for further movements of time

she witnessed something more inviting then life can possess

written october 2012

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