as we are now, as we once were

untitled3getting lost will help find yourself.
but she’s still looking for the exit sign
if all roads lead somewhere
is this still her dream?

she painted purgatory with colors of her constitution
the palette that only the soul can sense
she’s been finding truths in hallowed parts of herself

a shift in vision
(and i’ve seen you in mirrors)

she sees sight
the way you see vision
those moments are hard to tell apart
blurred from a sea of transparency
she parts the world
in a way you’ve never known
often silently and between breaths
no one ever knows where she goes
but she always comes back

she’s broken down those holy walls that were always left erected in your presence

each time remembered she sees it differently
always from new angles
and the light shifts itself in the dark parts

a shift in vision
(and i’ve seen you in mirrors)

she’s been staring at the sun
long enough
to watch herself burn away.


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