transcendence in time, transcendence in vision.

the waiting takes me over
and sought within passions reach
it drives the images forward
pushes me on in time

she waits for days to meet night
she meets the image in the dissolve
hoped for home
and wavered forever
she can’t remember when it wasn’t times divide

reeling in feeling
felt for now
waiting for it all to seep into tomorrow
rest waits for noone to know their place within
it teaches us what we lose in time

these lessons burn from within
she knows that the time is different
new places
newer lessons

it all takes her on
it becomes her
evolves her being
she knows new time

the wavering moments
taught her new feeling
the wait
pain and loss
hope and movement

she dreams through these days
it keeps her steady
grounded in dreaming
the passion pours on
it feeds her more
she knows where she belongs

no longer lasting in times divide
she created these embers
flickered through feeling
teaching her of what’s to come

we know we may lay these roads ahead
ground work becomes vision
becomes times
bleed for me now

the blood of knowledge
ephemeral history
tested to nothing
holding us still

keep me longer
tie me to your being
it feeds these nights

your skin to mine
the warming of warmth
beauty of feeling
the heat becomes the fall
the fall becomes the moments

it sees more time
of melding and deepening
rhythmic falls of breath
transcendental movements
we speak in tongues
you guide me on


sine die







designs – sine die by beetle

photographed by lisa gallo

modeled by beetle

the agony and ecstasy of leaving

she bides her time         
through filtered lights
and filtered moments
she knows what it takes
to fill the instance
shes not sure she has it in her

too much time
tied up in moments that break
she fights for air
cause the poison is suffocating

time spent alone before sunrise
can save the soul
from the brink of it all

safety in numbers
numbered time mixed with the brink of tomorrow

she cries to angels
to give back faith
clear the vision
lead her home
she feels safe within you now

fall away
fall away

every hero has their memory of safety
time stood so true
it never had to lead you away
pure in the moment
lasting and nameless
held tight to the beginning

we bear the memories of what has been
and what is to come
it is in the knowing
locked behind walls of perception

lift me now from these moments
lasting and weary
too much holds me down
i lost flight

nowhere to run
it always comes down to now

face the demons
who chase you down
haunting and dark
always bigger after vision

time collapses to the present moment
too worn to run
too lost to fake knowing
that voice is there
but it dosen’t always sound like home

she waited for days to change
for the links to connect
and the footing to feel safer

solid ground
to solid touch

stability comes after the surrender
free fall from these moments
it’s gripping
it’s tired
she needs it to turn around
to lead safety to home
release and be found

the excommunication of communication

we design these layers
and pull apart our souls
served up in moments of lost expanse

i divide time between the beginning and the end
hoping for wayward glances of time to come

we search our souls
for the meaning of every moment that passes with time
hoping for the vision of the ways to come

i am tired of the lights that burn so bright the soul rips open from momentary expanse

time never sealed it right
it never made the way home better

i hoped for a new vision
new times
new ways to heal the ending

i falter through days wondering where time leads

where does hope lay for the taking
mending and repairing
cleaning old wounds
tying us tight

the feeling still seeps through the seams
i havent completely expelled you out

dark night

i went to church today. not mass. but church.
that was big for me. i have tried to keep my distance from churches since my catholic school days.
i consider myself a pretty spiritual person but i choose not to follow a organized religion.
non the less i found myself in a church today.
it was one of those crisis of faith days. its actually been a crisis of faith year.
where you find yourself just wondering into random chapels contemplating: why am i here (in life)?
and all those other big questions we are slapped in the face with during a crisis of faith/ dark night of the soul.
(we all have some sort of name for it)
it funny how at those moments you feel like you are being sucked in.
i didnt really think about it.
i was basically pulled in.
staring my memories, my reality, in the face.

breathe in deep, let it out slow

she watches these days pass like nights

vision surpasses all thats been
time fades and repeats itself again

and we are all that is left here standing

watching the brink of what is to come

vision to illusion
watch it  transpire

a film for the masses
but its what’s left
its only us

tied tight to the edges of tomorrow
felt without form
you draw me in

the understanding is there
but words not spoken and then forgotten
just lead to tired hearts
and tired bodies

lost and searching
with no touch to be found
the visions lay rest to the excess of demise

i hope for better bridges of days to come
and nights wrapped up in the excess of sensation

and sound

what is left beyond the feeling
meeting and melding

poured over in breathes of tomorrow
and this vision sees the burn
tied tight
held back
and seen from images past

days turned to night
where minds can connect the dots
and bring forth what needs to be found
lost within the skins

a melding of reverberation
time spent alone
wont last us
i follow you in

in vision
in feeling
sensation of the mind
i will dream up better nights of tomorrow
till we see the moments
of all those visions brought forth to now


what becomes of vision

can intention create the moments
to be more real then imagined
the space between
what has always been
and what will be

this time the vision is better
i see in shades of color
the shades of gray
and black to white
can only take you so far

i envision more than this
there is more space through these  eyes
can you be there when vision touches reality

can we find a way to now
the mind carried me so far
but the illusion can’t carry you home
it wont keep you warm at night
it won’t make a better now

but beauty befalls the beholder
she tries to reach you
the sanctity of sight
can take us to tomorrow
but it won’t always bridge the gap
or break the walls

vision isn’t cheap
but it is never guaranteed
to take you to the point
where walls crumble
the divide is dissolved
where touch becomes everything

it burns deeper
feeling is felt over everything
the mind stops
instinct to impulse
burn for me better

it is all we could ever want
it stills time
expands the mind
moment to moment
precursor to conclusion

the taking to the healing
she tried the solitude
mastered the seclusion

but it never burned brighter
it never took me home

the vision never stopped
just more vivid
it takes you over
fills you up
dissolves you down

impulse to instinct
it’s what is left to break the walls
the feeling of now

burn bright in vision
burn better now

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