what has been swept under

the divide
it took her too far
she bent to break
she no longer knows where the roads will lead
the fear sets in
she prays for home
the solace of a familiar time once known
the comfort of love and familiar feeling

she doesn’t know what to do
when it comes to contemplating a life
she fell too far
the footing shakes

now she wanders where she doesn’t know
heal the wounding
unsweep what has been swept under for so long

she wonders if there is still hope to uncover

there must be more that unveils itself now
brighter versions of this life

written 10.16.11

image found on http://le-petit-francais.blogspot.com/


a new way to roam

the waiting takes me over
and sought within passions reach
it drives the images forward
pushes me on in time

she waits for the days to meet night
she meets the image in the dissolve
hoped for home
and wavered forever
she can’t remember when it wasn’t a times divide
reeling in feeling
felt for now
waiting for it all to seep in to tomorrow
rest waits for no one to know their place within
it teaches us what we lose in time

these lessons burn from within
she knows the time is different
new places
newer visions
it all takes her on
it becomes her
evolves her being
she knows new time

the wavering moments taught her new feeling
the wait
pain and loss
hope and movement

she dreams through the days
it keeps her steady
grounded in dreaming
the passion pours on
it feeds her more
she knows where she belongs

no longer lasting in times divide
she created these embers
flickered through feeling
teaching her of what’s to come
we know we may lay these roads ahead
groundwork becomes vision
bleed for me now

the blood of knowledge
ephemeral history
tested to nothing
holding us still
keep me longer
tie me to your being
it feeds these nights

your skin with mine
the warming of warmth
beauty of feeling
the heat becomes the fall
the fall becomes the moment
it sees more moments of melding and deepening
rhythmic falls of breath
transcendental movements
we speak in tongues

written 10.13.11

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he heard sound,she heard sight

the fades of the night give way to moments end.
the faces she passes tell tales of times break.
sparking memories and moments.
that only once seemed true.

she retreats in when it all seems so bright.
reflecting the portrayal of what gets played back.
she remembered days when time seemed right.
she laid rest to the worry of the day.
where the months would find end.
time believed itself once.
it portrayed linear moments weaved with memory.

she wonders where to go.
when the weight of choice sets in.
the better of evils.
the softer choice of tomorrow.
wisdom bleeds itself thin.

you’ve known me better.
this mind that spins itself through passion.
the fusion of ego and will.
it’s her sustenance.
it leads her in.
and pours her on.
feeds the fever.
takes on the touch.
creates image of mind.
and vision of tomorrow.

she tastes these embers.
and feels through touch.
seeks you more.
body through movement.
slow and rhythmic.
sped up through moments.
it pours on and on.

she savers that sight.
image and touch.
melding of moments.
when time feels true.

sight erupts sound.
she weaves into you.
she pulled you in.
into now.
into moments.
times reprieve.

you wonder where time went.
what tore that image apart.
she said she felt more in forever.
you were taken over by the feeling.
fled the scene.

she missed you then and now.
time escapes us.
left us for nowhere, someday, never.
maybe find me in time.

written 10.12.11

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Let’s call me a baptist, call this the drowning of the past

she couldn’t escape the surrender

we set these scenes
at times collapse
a glimpse to the past
becomes a step forward
the severed lines stopped it all from falling
we believe we know better
divided time through days lost among us

weary minds created the turn that became the hour
i know i have seen brighter nows
turn the digits
weigh the loss
hope for home
but we all believe you brighter
times collapse
will break the fall
your eyes become my tomorrow
dark and burning
the embers come upon us

see these versions
whats become of our numbered days
i wish for you now
save the loss
tie me tight
to more tomorrows
will the way to home

we begin to mend the fence
that crumbled down
buried beneath the burning

if time is of the essence
then you become my breath
breath of life
breath of feeling
breath of the connected
touch to touch

towered times look within the feeling
and i know you home
to my hope
to my fears
tired of the leaving
and all that has been lost among
the weeks and months that pass
searching for a new tomorrow
a new way to be free
from all that binds me to the dark

step back and remember
all is one
dark to light
pleasure to pain
born within us
we become it
you can’t escape your own soul
the half that holds us true
makes us one
self to self
shadow to light
these inner burnings
they make more of these moments
times divide lay us thin
spread out through transparency

trade the loss for more of hope
i waiver never to see you here
still searching in the days that pass
and your gone away
and gone away
haven’t seen your sight since then
and i wish for tomorrow
i wish for time to be true to us
break these walls
and hold minds tight
true and lasting
seek me further
i find the feeling
buried now
to preserve the protection

but she needs more time in the open
she waits for the spanning of time to end
hold deeper now
she seeks you here
meet and surrender

written 10.12.11

image found on http://just-another-forever.tumblr.com/

stark raving grave

we sever the moments end before the beginning
the divide created a loss within
and i know these hours
that lay waste to the day
stop time
and see the embers
that burn brighter for tomorrow
but never turn away time

a time that was never really there
a time that was never really ours

we hoped for better
but the brighter days
and stronger tomorrows
still leave us waiting
for newer time

we lay in graves of our making
dug out deeper in the moments that pass
buried our lovers
and sold time ashore

we lost in ways we never counted
and i carried time on the back of the broken
torn up tempers
solid seams of loss

written 10.12.11

image found on http://thecultofdeath.tumblr.com/post/8549162380

the sacred came for sinners

she divulges time like the hours melt
the wait passes through each slipping moment
we save our souls from the contorts of time
because of visions
she stares brighter
our moment loses hope
we wait for the next safety to befall us
because the versions won’t sever the loss
it’s only in our hours
that time collapses enough to divide

I hear the angels
they speak to me of hope
its all I have to keep the days meeting the night
our time turns us inward
our muses keep us breathing deeper
it makes pathways to times collapse
when all falls away
skins commune from beginning to end

hope for sacred
the melding of now
touch takes on hours
it keeps me in the embers
slipping through the cracks embrace
we enter hours through minutes
and hope through loss
the excommunication of the divine
seals the moments and keeps them sacred within

without you now
this unamended soul
that stops time
rebuilds me within
without you now
i pour through hours
creating your moments
dreaming your dissolve

i see your versions in faces i pass
waiting for the hour
it all becomes revealed
time stops
we take in all in

in hope
in time
in healing
communion of the sacred
the souls reverberation of another
the meeting creates more time
it holds us right
we meet through measures
never meant to hold us through time
but yet there are these moments
that kept it all in for the meeting
we didn’t know better
we didn’t know time
it shelves itself in the lost tomorrow
that was created within
time takes us to nothing
and we begin again

written 10.11.11


image found on http://www.facebook.com/sofiebuelens3

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